Frequently asked questions

Can i do both Fitness & Beauty?

The Anwser is Yes you can have a play in both fields, we offer a wide variety of beauty courses as well as fitness training as we beleive we can make these industries go hand in hand!

Are The Trainers Experienced?

Yes! All of our trainers/assessors have gone under extreme testing to ensure they have good knowledge of thier subjects and that they also hold the relevant qualifcations.

What If I am Still Struggling After Training?

If you are struggling after your training then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

Do I Need To Bring Anything To My Training Day?

Yes, We ask all our students to bring one form of ID i.e passport,driving license. This is to reduce any fraudlent training taking place and to ensure that the person attedning the training is on our premade register for helath & Safety Reasons.

How Do I Contact Inspire?

You can get in contact with us via three ways; 1) you cancall us on our telephone number 2) you can go to the contact us section of our website and leave your detials in which we will get in touch with you as soon as possible 3) you can use the website live chat to anwser any quick questions you may have.

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